A Day in the Life: m/u artist to beauty expert

So 12 yrs. ago I was waking up at 4am to leave for a call on a Hollywood set to do make-up.
Today I’m driving myself to the airport to fly to make a TV appearance as a Beauty Expert on ShopNBC! WOW!

They say you have to live in the moment.. We work so hard to achieve our goals & dreams, but do we pause to look back and appreciate how we got there?

This project has taught me a few things:

1. When planning to do m/u on plane don’t forget to add compact mirror to your bag. In a pinch the backside of a biz card holder works! (I should have downloaded the free mirror app)
2. Don’t open liquid liner on a plane.. Splat all over from cabin pressure. A mess!
3. Certain types of clothes do flatter & some do not
4. Spankz are a must for every woman no matter how thin you are
5. Preparation ahead of time is key
6. Always remember to SMILE (best anti-aging)
7. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it

Don’t forget the journey you made to get to where you are today. Then enjoy the moment!

And NEVER stop shooting for the stars..


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