Beauty Emergency – on the go kit

Who has ever been at an event and personally experienced or tried to help someone with a “Beauty Emergency?”

Hair falling out of the expensive updo before pictures, eyelashes coming off, makeup running, dress strap breaking, shoe strap broken, spill on outfit, lipstick coming off, broken nail, wardrobe malfunctions, last minute tailoring needed, bra showing, germs EVERYWHERE, runny nose, too much garlic, something in your teeth, headache before event begins, cramps.. etc.

As a makeup artist I had alot of beauty emergencies with my actors on and off the set.  Everything I had in my set bag was there because ONE time someone asked for something and I didn’t have it.  So in life, when I attend a special event – I pack my “Beauty Emergency Kit” inspired from my years touching up on set.


So here is a the basic list of MUSTS for my bag (especially when I am in front of the camera!):

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Lysol mini spray
  3. Altoid mints (mini).. has anyone tried the new nordic mint?
  4. Bobby pins
  5. Safety pins (various sizes)
  6. Mini nail file & buffer
  7. Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, Tums, Benedryl
  8. Hair spray (travel size)
  9. Hand lotion & cuticle oil
  10. Pen, Sharpie (black – you would be surprised what you can fill it with this)
  11. Small scissors
  12. Shout stain remover packettes
  13. Wet ones wipe packettes
  14. Sewing kit
  15. Ear plugs (for studying, meditating, plane travel & sleeping)
  16. Hollywood fashion tape
  17. Extra knee highs/pantyhose
  18. Petals (you just NEVER know)
  19. Chapstick (my husband always asks for it)
  20. Evian spray bottle
  21. Extra lipstick, spice liner & clear gloss (just in case)
  22. A mirror – to smile into or share with friends!

Bonus:  I use those zippered pouches curtains or sheets come in.. why not? Cheaper than a cosmetic bag.

If you have had any stories and would like to share your “Beauty Emergency” fixes, please contact me. Or add a comment.

Thanks for reading and share your “Love of Beauty!”

4 thoughts on “Beauty Emergency – on the go kit

  1. Out of town at a fun, beauty corporate event. My friend brought new black pants and killer leopard print pumps for her speaking engagement. The pants were too long though. Iron hem tape was not working out. Solution? She stapled her pants to the right length and I gave her a black sharpie to camouflage the silver staples! (she was great, BTW! The shoes made her an awesomesauce authority!)

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