Beauty Pick: Lasting Lips

It’s 9pm and I just went to wash my face. I completely forgot I tried a new lip color. It’s STILL on and my lips are NOT dried out. Hold the phone! I’m gonna have to buff it off with my facecloth or massage it will oil. Let’s back up.

Today was an extraordinary busy day for me. I started at work then drove to volunteer then met up for 2nd volunteering/filming doing hair and makeup. I would not have time to look at myself once I started, I’m teaching a makeup class and the kids always shoot behind the scenes pictures. So I ran into Rite Aid to try L’Oréal’s new infallible pro-lip color (I bought teaberry 109). I applied it at 12:30pm and forgot about it.

After finishing my day, I came home, ate dinner and looked in the mirror – it is still on! All I need to do is add the gloss and start again.

So what makes this so great?

  1. It’s not as drying as all the other long lasting lip colors (and it doesn’t peel off).
  2. The formulation is very creamy and thick.
  3. The tapered application allows for clean precise placement.
  4. The clear gloss doesn’t remove any of the applied color & isn’t sticky.
  5. And obviously it lasts.

Looking for a new color for Spring?  This is the perfect pick and all day “on the go” wear! Go try one. Let me know which color you bought and how long yours lasted. Yup.. Game changer.

5 thoughts on “Beauty Pick: Lasting Lips

  1. Nice! As someone who doesn’t often wear lipstick (mostly bc my husband dislikes how easily it rubs off on his mouth or cheek!) this would be so nice to wear lipstick again which won’t just come off easily – thanks!

  2. When I shop for my crocking weekend, I’m going to run next door to Rite Aid for one of these! Rachael and I determined that I am Dark Autumn, so what colors would you suggest?

    1. Look at #123 I like it.. or a natural pink brown #201. We have to go makeup shopping. You can return with receipt at Rite Aid so try 2 and see. 😉
      Let me know what one works for you.. I LOVE THEM!

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