A Mascara Fail & A Norwex Rescue

Every so often I try a new mascara and see what happens (although I keep going back to CoverGirl LashBlast). So I grabbed the Bombshell Curvaceous Lashes by CoverGirl. FullSizeRender

After I applied it, my lashes were stiff and uncomfortable immediately (1st reason for a mascara fail).  I love the brushes but the formula must be different than LashBlast.  At the end of the day when I took my oil cleanser and washed my face, I couldn’t get all of the mascara off.  I had raccoon eyes (and that is WITH oil remover). That is the 2nd reason for a mascara fail.

I never recommend waterproof mascara on a regular basis for this reason. Any mascara that cannot be fully removed at the end of your day, can damage your lashes. It can dry out your lashes, weight them down, coat them causing brittleness (is that a word?).  Leftover residue is never good for your face or skin either.  It can easily clog your pores. So after I had black circles under my eyes & flakes of mascara on my cheeks, I grabbed my toner (2nd cleanse). Even the toner wouldn’t take off the remnants of the mascara (final mascara fail).  Bummer.. tossed the mascara into trash and fell asleep..

So the next morning I grab my Norwex cloth that I found from a friend while traveling  (Thank you Kelly Paull).

Photo credit: Twitter @BeckyHammel

I love the antibacterial body cloth and I recommend it to all my clients as a morning wash without soap.  I slide it across my face, lashes and magic..  off came ALL of the remnants of my mascara fail! In one wipe!

Why didn’t I think of it the night before.. I guess I was just too tired. 🙂 #beautyfail

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