Smart, Simple Suncare

Nowadays sun care products are smart! They aren’t just sunscreen, they can do more than one thing. I’m all for grabbing products that are multitaskers.

My moisturizer doesn’t contain sunscreen, that means I often forget to apply it. 😦     I can only use Titanium Dioxide & Zinc (all natural) because all the chemical sunscreens make me break out. Up to now, I have always grabbed baby sunscreens. I was thrilled to find a tinted sunscreen! I love tinted moisturizer, so rocked my world.  It also is a wonderful make-up primer, light foundation and sunscreen all-in-one.

What if I told you I found one that also has peptides in it. So not only does it protect, it reverses damage and prevents future damage all at the same time. I love mineral based sunscreens!  Have you tried them yet?


Grabbing mineral make-up and applying it later in the day, adds additional sunscreen protection. YES, you read that correctly..  Join me for my #5daychallenge (#summerskinprep) over on my Facebook Page and start prepping your skin for the summer. Let’s prep it, treat it, get it healthy and prevent damage this summer!

Here are two of my favorite summer DIY recipes for a cleanser & scrub that will brighten, hydrate & tone your face when used regularly once a week. Continue using all the #5daychallenge tips throughout the summer and your skin with thank you in the fall!  I look forward to chatting with you soon..  Michelle xoxo


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