Chafed Thighs? 6 #SummerHacks 

It’s summer. It’s hot. You’re sweating. There’s moisture. Wearing less clothes and not being size “0”.  Don’t know about you but my thighs touch = summer struggle.. Red, burning chapped inner thighs.

Every time it’s warm or I’m warm (enter hormones) and I wear a skirt, shorts or dress my thighs are rubbed raw! Sound familiar?

Well these are the BEST hacks I’ve found. They work & can be fashionable!



  • Pretty underwear makes you feel sexy, these help chaffing too (I’m ordering these now!):



  • I used to wear biker shorts (these are the updated version), but now a days SPANX or BOXERS are more fashionable.


  • I use Monkey Butt for my doggies itches & it works GREAT but I didn’t know they had this too:


So NEVER lose hope or heart.. there is always a BEAUTY HACK waiting to be shared.  Please let me know what you use and how it works for you!

Happy Summer Fun!

Michelle xo


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