The Beauty of Cactus

I recently made a house call to a celebrity’s home & after I finished her lashes she showed me ALL her cleansing products. I picked up this bottle and said, “I haven’t seen or heard of this”.. it was cactus water cleanser. So I had to research it.

The ingredients looked wonderful and she told me it had really helped with the kids skin and teenager type breakouts. She felt it soothed her own skin after a day of makeup on set.

WOW – I NEED this!

Ok, why cactus (also called prickly pear) for the skin?

Benefits :

Full of antioxidants (more than Argan oil)

Vitamins & minerals

Helps inflammation

Hydrating & Soothing

Can heal/prevent breakouts


Can be used just like aloe (directly from the plant)

Cactus is the perfect gel to add to your beauty routine for transitioning into fall weather. You can use it to cleanse, after cleansing to tone or as a serum/gel (directly from the plant) under moisturizer.

Since cactus is a succulent it helps hold in moisture longer. So whether you use the water, gel or drink it.. my bet is on your skin being better because of it.

Let me know how you change your beauty routine for the fall.



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