Earthquakes + KT Tape

Growing up on the East Coast we had alot of thunderstorms, blizzards, tropical storms and a few hurricanes – but NO EARTHQUAKES.

A few weeks ago was one of the strongest quakes in Southern CA in years!  I live over 2 hours and 144 miles from where the epicenter of the quakes were and boy did we feel them!  I was actually sitting in the car while my husband ran into CVS (where I purchase my KT Tape).

At first I looked out the back window thinking someone just backed into my Jeep, Nope.  Then I looked again thinking my husband was being funny and rocking my car (as he has done in the past).. nope.  Then I thought… was that an earthquake?  As I was opening my “QUAKES” app (when you live in California, you use an earthquake app) that’s when it hit!  The car started rocking and shaking.. the car in front of me was crazy moving up and down AND side to side.  I felt like I was on a ride at an amusement park.  YIKES!!!

Moral of the story.. no matter where you live, there is something – at least it isn’t tornados!!!!!  And you can live in fear of the unknown or just LIVE in the moment EVERY DAY!


Any one who has been an athlete, played any sport,  as a hobby or has worked out regularly knows the PAIN of “over doing it”.  It happens (especially went I get EXCITED at my progress).  When I returned to dancing 2 years ago, I had a bunch of old injuries I NEVER treated in my 20s – so if I push or do something incorrectly.. out they pop.  Pain and time out = tears, frustration and a BIG bummer.  REST?!? What is that?

Before my first dance competition EVER, I tweeted my old leg/ankle injury (perfect timing right?!?)  After ALOT of ice, rest, weeks off with NO LESSONS – I got some PT.  My instructor (above photo) was an old athlete dealing with some injuries of his own.  He first introduced me to KT TAPE and thank GOODNESS he did. (You can see the tape on my left calf in the photo above)  So how does it work? It still blows my mind.

So fast forward to a year later.   Can see a theme.. a month before this performance I pulled my calf again.  (You can see my same calf taped above)  Note to self: Slow it down before a BIG event!  I have such great support every time I wear this tape, it’s crazy!  It  actually works better than braces & foot wraps for me.  They have great “HOW TO” videos for applying tape to each different injury area.

So how does this apply to beauty?  Well, see how you can barely tell I have tape on my leg?  It is a great color and blends pretty week with tan skin.  So even for performances you can’t obviously notice the tape (it also comes in hot pink & purple, so fun for practice).

Beauty tip:

Hair must be shaved (guy or gal) wherever you are applying tape for less pain (think waxing) and better adhesion.  The PRO tap lasts much longer and lasts through showering or swimming.  Regular tape is 1-2 day.. Pro up to 4-5 days.  My therapists recommend giving the skin a break for a few days before reapplying.

Skin should be clean and free of moisture or creams.  I apply self tanner/topical tanning carefully AFTER applying the tape.

Most importantly just enjoying each and every moment of every day is one of the BIGGEST anti-aging secrets around.

So here’s to NO FEAR, less natural disasters and a ton of healthy doses of JOY daily!

I’ll be back next time with my thoughts on CANNABIS + COFFEE..  Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle xo

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