Beauty Emergency – on the go kit

Who has ever been at an event and personally experienced or tried to help someone with a “Beauty Emergency?”

Hair falling out of the expensive updo before pictures, eyelashes coming off, makeup running, dress strap breaking, shoe strap broken, spill on outfit, lipstick coming off, broken nail, wardrobe malfunctions, last minute tailoring needed, bra showing, germs EVERYWHERE, runny nose, too much garlic, something in your teeth, headache before event begins, cramps.. etc.

As a makeup artist I had alot of beauty emergencies with my actors on and off the set.  Everything I had in my set bag was there because ONE time someone asked for something and I didn’t have it.  So in life, when I attend a special event – I pack my “Beauty Emergency Kit” inspired from my years touching up on set.


So here is a the basic list of MUSTS for my bag (especially when I am in front of the camera!):

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Lysol mini spray
  3. Altoid mints (mini).. has anyone tried the new nordic mint?
  4. Bobby pins
  5. Safety pins (various sizes)
  6. Mini nail file & buffer
  7. Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, Tums, Benedryl
  8. Hair spray (travel size)
  9. Hand lotion & cuticle oil
  10. Pen, Sharpie (black – you would be surprised what you can fill it with this)
  11. Small scissors
  12. Shout stain remover packettes
  13. Wet ones wipe packettes
  14. Sewing kit
  15. Ear plugs (for studying, meditating, plane travel & sleeping)
  16. Hollywood fashion tape
  17. Extra knee highs/pantyhose
  18. Petals (you just NEVER know)
  19. Chapstick (my husband always asks for it)
  20. Evian spray bottle
  21. Extra lipstick, spice liner & clear gloss (just in case)
  22. A mirror – to smile into or share with friends!

Bonus:  I use those zippered pouches curtains or sheets come in.. why not? Cheaper than a cosmetic bag.

If you have had any stories and would like to share your “Beauty Emergency” fixes, please contact me. Or add a comment.

Thanks for reading and share your “Love of Beauty!”

Behind the scenes: On set in Hollywood

I’m often asked what it like to be a Hollywood Make-up artist and having an TV Executive Producer as my husband. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds – it is ALOT of word and tongue biting, but YES! It has definitely been a fun adventure! I asked my husband some questions, then answered my most frequently asked questions. With a few fun photos we hope you can get a sneak peek of being behind the scenes with us on Hollywood shoots.


What is your official title and what does it mean?

I’m the Executive Producer and Head of Production. Essentially, what that
means is, I am responsible for everything that winds up onscreen. I oversee the production

of the commercial, hire the director, producers, cast and crew.

I work with our creative team to develop a concept for the
project and then a script, plan all the filming days, pick the locations,
interview all the testimonials on camera, and work with the editor to complete the
commercial on time and on budget, among a million other things. I’m
involved with everything from the “big picture” of planning a large five
camera shoot, to picking the most minute of details, such as the color of
the flowers in the background of a shot.

What is a casting session like with all those beautiful models?

As a producer, I always approach casting objectively because I am looking
for a model who can best enhance the brand image, and not necessarily the
“textbook” version of what many consider to be “beauty.” Some times, a
model might be absolutely “take your breath away” stunning, but would not
work well for what we want to accomplish, so we don’t book her. I am
always looking for that “spark” a model has, which can sometimes be an
almost intangible thing that might only appear when she smiles, or looks a
certain way. That magic half second is the moment that often makes the

As for the casting sessions themselves, they are long days, and it really
is work (despite what many would think). Needless to say, I’ve had worse
days than seeing fifty or sixty beautiful women at a time.

What does a typical day for you look like?

I usually start around 8:30 in the morning and finish at
6 PM or so on most days, but during productions, I am up at 5 AM and
usually home at 11 PM. As is true with many jobs, I’m constantly fighting
fires that pop up at the worst possible time.

The days are always packed with detailed work, whether it be budgeting,
creative meetings, agent negotiations, location scouts, etc. You have to
have your head in the game at all times.

If you could pick a favorite shoot which would it be and why?

I really enjoy location shooting, even though it is the most difficult way
to shoot. I like the challenge, and getting out in the “world.” I often
rent mansions in Malibu to film, right on the coast, since they allow us
to get a lot of looks out of one location. Plus, you just have a
beautiful canvas to work with for some great shots. And, at the end of a
three or four day shoot, when you know you’ve got great stuff, it’s
sunset, and you look out on a beautiful view, and finally exhale – it’s a
great feeling. You don’t get that on a soundstage. I’m usually looking
at a grip truck or a generator. It’s not the same.

How many celebrities have you met and who was your favorite?

I have worked with a lot of television personalities over the years, the
most recent being Jillian Michaels and Samantha Harris. I
have met many more in meetings to discuss various projects. Having
produced many, many fitness and beauty shows over the
past 16 years, I have worked with hundreds of models you have probably
seen dozens of times in magazines and on TV.

What do you love most about your job?

The fact that I can go to work each day, doing something that I have
dreamed about since I was eleven years old making home movies with a film
camera, and work with such a fantastic group of people, is beyond



What are you favorite makeup products?

I use everything. I have a bridal kit, a tv kit, a fashion shoot kit and a airbrush kit. I love Laura Mercier concealers & tinted moisturizers. Gerda Spillman foundations. Cover girl Lashblast mascara. Ardell lashes & Duo adhesive. MAC lipsticks (viva la glam & spice liner are staples). Creme blush & Makeup forever black liner. Stila shadows & MUD shadows rock!

What was your craziest shoot?

Probably the craziest shoot I was on was shooting in downtown LA for over two weeks for all nights. We started at 4pm with makeup call times, started filming at 7pm and wrapped (finished) at 6am as the sun rose.

Who was your favorite celebrity?

I have two. Richard Thomas from the Walton’s and Henry Rollins of Black Flag. Two nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with. Although I was star struck and had a dream come true when I was able to work on Joey McIntrye since I was a huge NKOTB fan in the 90s! (blushing)

What is the hardest part of being on a shoot as a makeup artist?

Location and the long hours are always a challenge. I’ve shot in studios, on locations, at celebrities homes, in the rain, in the subway, in the desert, in freezing cold, in a closed book store (that was one of the coolest shoots – overnight) and in a bathroom. It isn’t as glamorous as one might think. I have to be awake and ready to greet and talk to people usually by 7am (that is set-up & at the location). No matter what is going on in my life, I have to have a smile on my face because my attitude & interaction with the talent will set the entire tone of the day. A good makeup artist makes their talent at home, comfortable and at ease without a stitch of makeup on their face.

What is it like working so closely on a celebrity?

Well, celebrities are regular people just like us. They just have a job that regularly puts them in the public eye. Some are delightful, some are very difficult. I have found the celebrities that have been around the longest are some of the nicest, most down to earth people. They are truly veterans of the entertainment industry and have nothing to prove, have been around and their careers have evolved. It is very important to ask before hand what their specific likes and dislikes are. I ask if they want me to use specific products or if they have an allergies. I love what I do and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work on all the personalities I have. It has been an amazing adventure!

A Day in the Life: m/u artist to beauty expert

So 12 yrs. ago I was waking up at 4am to leave for a call on a Hollywood set to do make-up.
Today I’m driving myself to the airport to fly to make a TV appearance as a Beauty Expert on ShopNBC! WOW!

They say you have to live in the moment.. We work so hard to achieve our goals & dreams, but do we pause to look back and appreciate how we got there?

This project has taught me a few things:

1. When planning to do m/u on plane don’t forget to add compact mirror to your bag. In a pinch the backside of a biz card holder works! (I should have downloaded the free mirror app)
2. Don’t open liquid liner on a plane.. Splat all over from cabin pressure. A mess!
3. Certain types of clothes do flatter & some do not
4. Spankz are a must for every woman no matter how thin you are
5. Preparation ahead of time is key
6. Always remember to SMILE (best anti-aging)
7. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it

Don’t forget the journey you made to get to where you are today. Then enjoy the moment!

And NEVER stop shooting for the stars..


What’s Your FAV Red Lip? These are mine..

These are my 5 FAV Red Lip picks:

(Colors coordinate on hand picture from bottom up – see below)

Stila long wear lipcolor in Paramour

Merle Norman duo with Cherry Cola

MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (or Lady Bug rocks too)

Burt’s Bees in Rose

AVON slick tint in Glossy Wine (on sale for $ .99 or less)


1. Apply foundation or concealer all over lips (and powder) before applying RED lipstick

2. Try different colors. If your teeth look yellow the tone is wrong

3. See how the lipstick wears. It shouldn’t run off your lips

4. Smile!


Q&A Setting your Foundation & Covering under-eye Circles

Hello and Happy Fall!  I recently started answering some makeup questions via video and this is the short version along with the product recommendations (and the places you can find them).  Please let me know if there is a makeup question I can answer for YOU!

Using Concealer to Camouflage:

1. Apply concealer first, before foundation

2. Under-eye circles: orange based color for light skin; carmel color for medium skin; orange (mixed with foundation) for dark skin

3.  Apply only to areas of discoloration – not on cheekbones

4. Blend with fingers or brush to “pat in”; sponge will “erase” color

5. Cover red spots with an olive based concealer; don’t use “green” pigments

6. Follow with your foundation to blend colors

7. Apply ALL other makeup then set with a blot powder, mineral powder or loose HD powder

Long Lasting Foundation:

1. Choose a foundation with pigment

2. Creme applied with damp sponge = liquid with excellent coverage

3. Liquid applied with brush = light product but make sure it has a good amount of pigment

4. Mineral powders applied with big brush = good coverage, natural SPF & not absorbed into pores

5. Set with your choice of powders (see above) and mist with toner or water to eliminate “matte finish”

Product mentions with LINKS:

The Balm corrector – medium

Laura Mercier – concealer #2

MUD (The Makeup Designory) corrector – orange (for dark skin)

Prescriptives concealer – warm

Bobby Brown concealer – golden

MAC blot powder compact

Revlon Color Stay – liquid foundation

Bare Minerals – mineral makeup

Sheer Cover – mineral makeup (great concealer DUO!)

Sheer Cover – medium setting powder

Makeup Forever HD powder – colorless

Ben Nye setting powder – banana

Bobby Brown setting powder – golden orange & pale yellow

These are the lines, find your perfect shade!  Let me know what you think..

I Scream, You Scream.. We all need EYE CREAM!

From a recent conversation with my Pilates trainer, I have realized a lot of people do the bare minimum for skincare. Cleanse, maybe moisturize, maybe SPF.

If you are over 40 years old and want some advice, besides washing before bed, using eye cream may be the second most important step in staying youthful. We all start seeing those mysterious lines around our eyes. Dry skin can make these lines even worse. Here are a few products I LOVE for eye creams and one should be able to fit anyone’s budget. The range is about $30-110.


Caffeine is one of the popular ingredients for tightening and taking puffiness away. The most important thing is to use an eye cream every night. Place it next to your bed if you need to. You will definitely see results within 2-3 weeks and be glad you did in 10 years!

Eye cream for now, Chapstick and moisturizer next! Lol

Please let me know if you have any great finds I can add to my list or questions.

“The eyes hold all the emotions of our heart… And are the windows to our soul.”

Olympic Waterproof Beauty

We are all enjoying watching the Olympics and all the wonderful diverse events.  Which is your favorite?

I LOVE gymnastics (of course) but I am like a magnetic to any event in water.. swimming, sync dancing, water polo, diving (and I have NEVER seen syn diving before – WOW!).. which brings me to my question.

Water Beauty

What makeup are those athletes wearing that allows them to jump off of a platform or diving board, swim few meters and come out gorgeous and not like night of the living dead with makeup pouring down their face?!?!?!?

So here I found it.  I believe MAKEUP FOREVER is sponsoring the Canadian team in syc swimming.  But the most brilliant find is the makeup line.. AQUA.  The foundation was actually designed for the water ballet!  The creator worked as the teams makeup artist and developed the makeup line.  Ah ha! BRILLIANCE.. Mystery solved and the end result is definitely AMAZING!

So rock on TEAM USA and let’s enjoy those pool close ups!  If it works on the Olympians, you may want to check it out for a hot, humid summer night of fun.

Now my next Olympic question.. why do they all bite their medals???!?

Mixing Your Summer Foundation

So porcelain is the new “healthy glow” – we don’t want to bathe in the sun and lay in the tanning beds anymore.. (well, maybe we do but we KNOW we shouldn’t).  So with summer beginning TODAY (Happy First Day of Summer 2012), it is time to tan your face the healthy way – with makeup!

These are my Top 3 picks for deepening your foundation for the summer to give you a safe tan:

Light coverage: Take a deeper liquid foundation and mix it with a light moisturizer (with SPF included) for a beautiful TINTED MOISTURIZER. (the moisturizer corrects a color too dark for your skintone)  1 drop of foundation with 1 drop of moisturizer, blend it together and you have a beautiful LIGHT tinted moisturizer.

~ You can also try a product like Advanced Mineral Makeup which is a ‘liquid’ mineral makeup. (Light coverage and great natural SPF with the zinc & titanium dioxide already in the makeup).

Med coverage: Take a tinted moisturizer and mix in the next shade up or a darker liquid foundation together. This will give you amore coverage and an airbrushed look.

~ I love mixing Laura Mercier’s oil-free tinted moisturizer & silk creme foundation – the blend is flawless. (I use this combo on all models during photo print shoots for a natural flawless finish.)

Full coverage: Creme foundation is always a heavier coverage, but I love using this combination: Cinema Secrets professional cream foundation or MUD creme foundation. Wet a sponge (not soaking wet just slightly damp) and dip into the foundation container then apply. Great coverage, less heavy application. Makes a cream into a beautifully blended thick liquid.

~ Applying self tanners or airbrush tanning will also intensify the color of your skintone. You avoid damage from UVA/UVB rays and when applied daily, can maintain a healthy tan. Mixing your self-tanner with moisturizer is an easy way to control and blend the product without strange streaking or over application.  (Remember your skin may be tan, but you still need to apply the SUNSCREEN!)

Have a Beautiful Summer.. enjoy your healthy glow! And ALWAYS add a Smile!

Recipes for a Beautiful Summer..

Exfoliation We all Need it…


Anti-Aging, Teens, Acne, Pigmentation concerns?

What you need is regular EXFOLIATION!

A minimum of ONCE a week is suggested.. but not EVERY day.. Your skin will tell you, just listen.

Especially as the weather changes, so does our skin.

There are TWO main types of exfoliation..

Examples are any product with beads or a gritty texture that is manually wiped or buffed onto your face.
Microdermabrasion (alternative version  I recommend  is a “SILK PEEL” micro infused with hydration = less irritation) and facial brushes like are the mechanical versions.
These products and machines slough (“SLUFF”) off the dry dead skin on your face allowing the newer, fresher skin to appear.
Result: Smoother, polished skin

These are found naturally in pumpkin (sensitive skin) and pineapple (normal to tougher skin). The enzyme ingredients are placed in a product that is wiped onto the face and allowed to sit for 5-15min depending on skin tolerance.  Adding steam professionally in a treatment or during a shower increased the intensity of treatment. The enzymes act as little PAC men munching and eating dead dry skin off the face and out of pores.
Result: Cleaner, brighter, softer skin

These are commonly referred to as “peels”. The come in varying degrees of severity and some can only be performed by a medical professional.
These exfoliators are stronger strengths and go deeper into the skin then a topical application.
Salicylic acid & glycollic acids are most common in milder peels and can be found in safe home care treatments.
Result: Smoother, less pigment, tighter skin

Whichever you choose, professional or home care the important choice is EXFOLIATE.  As you start doing this on a regular basis you will begin to see a change in your skin.  Scars may soften.. Pigment may lighten, or deepen (until the pigment is exfoliated to its base it may get bigger before it gets smaller).. Skin will soften.. Brighten, Tighten & Lighten.. SO wear SUNSCREEN to protect your newly found skin prevent aging & further damage!

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-butt red lipstick.    Gwyneth Paltrow quotes