Eyebrows: DIY trimming or not?

DIY Eyebrows TrimmingFlashback, 1980s.. I decided I could trim my hair with a mirror and a comb. Facing backwards (what was I thinking) I started combing my curls and trimming the ends. Thinking I did a brilliant job until my Grama turned me around (wait for it..) a few days later and said, “Did you trim your hair? The entire back is 2 inches shorter than your sides.”  And I had curly hair!  Lets not even mention the bang trim.. and don’t pretend that you don’t know.. I bet you all have a story of your own!

First let’s look at what you should NEVER do:

1. Comb eyebrow d023d2ca99ddca043bfbb48ecbd29d83eown and trim
2. Face scissors into hairline and trim (asking for trouble)
3. Comb hair and trim like hair (this should be done by pro) 4. Use a large scissor, actually anything other than a cuticle

I always suggest try using wax or gel to set brows first.  If there are some unruly hairs, you can see if they will settle down before picking up scissors. If after a few days of gelling or waxing, you still have unruly hair (falling down, curling up, sticking out, too long), then grab the scissors (cuticle size only).  Be careful!  You do not want to make holes, gaps or slices in your brow (it’s easier to do than you may think.)

Rules of DIY trimming:
6e92ed562f80ea8fff6984db46ced0711. Always cut less than you think you need
2. Brush hairs UP
3. Face scissors away from rest of brow (tip of scissors should NEVER face directly into brow line, seriously DON’T do it = tears)
4. Trim and brush –  Reset

Remember the hairs from the arch to the end make your eyebrow tail.  If you brush them up and cut them really short you’ll lose the entire end of your brow line.  I only cut the tiniest of tips to start and brush hairs back into place.. then maybe a bit more, always checking my lines.

When cutting the front half of the brows (nose to arch), point tip of scissors into forehead (see photo above.)  Second half of the brow (arch to end) point tip of scissors toward temples.  Pointing the tip of scissors the wrong way, (yes I have personal knowledge of this) it is highly probable you will cut too far in.  Then, we need to chat about filling in the missing hair (coming up next) because you just cut spaces and gaps into your brow.

The most common question when trimming brows is what to do with at very start of the brow. Should they go up & trim or  should they go up and come over into the rest of the brow?  It’s depends.  Is your hair thick is your hair thin? Is your hair straight is your hair curly? And what look do you like?  Look at magazine photos.  Find a brow that is similar to your own natural brow and use that as a guide.

So baby steps and little trims.. brush UP, trim a tiny bit and brush into place.. reset.  I am a believer in using the natural shape of your own brow to create your perfect brow.  If you’re scared.. call your local professional (make sure its a referral.)

Remember both sides of the face are completely different and both brows are completely different. They are sisters, not twins –  we do the best we can to make them match.

Will you trim or NOT trim.. let me know in the COMMENTS below.  If you like this post please tweet it, pin it, re-pin it and share it with your friends! and of course comments are ALWAYS loved..

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