Giving is Beauty; Beauty that Gives

For my the 1st of April is my spring! It’s time for me to freshen up my skincare, haircare & makeup products.

Got my hair sunscreen and color protecting moisturizing RUSK shampoo.
Picked a few new lip tints from Burts Bees to add to my collection.
Refilled my Epicuren Collagen night serum and grabbed a new container of my Micro daily exfoliant from Dermalogica.

After opening the Dermalogica package this is what I found. “JOIN the Fite.” I LOVE this. Beauty giving back! It’s what I do, why I do what I do..


So I grab the box insert and I run to the computer and type in the code. You can choose what time of business to help, what area or country and it breaks down the variety of businesses & people you will directly be helping. You can make an additional donation and help business fund their needs through microloans. As a business owner, I think this new concept (website launched Jan. 2011) to touch other businesses around the world is brilliant!) Please check it out and click on the link above. Who knew I would help someone around the world with my beauty purchase of skincare. (Clapping) Congratulations DERMALOGICA! Well done!

Now I am off to create my own Charity Bar at my spa. Candy with donations and items all to benefit a charity (changes monthly) this month, Autism Speaks.


Have a wonderful and inspired day!.. Remember, “Beauty is all around us. Some people never take the time to see it!”