2 Oscar makeup picks & tricks

Guilty pleasure? Completely forgot? Purposely avoided?  Did you watch the Oscars this year?  Are you wondering how everyone looked so fresh & glowing (especially when they start getting ready early afternoon & arrive by 3pm PST) all night?

These 2 picks are magical tools for their makeup lasting & the glow looking fresh – All Night/Day Long! 😉

(watch video here)


Not only does it look great on the red carpet, it’s the perfect duo to spruce up your makeup bag for SPRING! (insert happy song here) shop here


So who has questions for SPRING makeup picks?  Here’s to bringing the daily glow from the inside to the outside.  Remember, YOU are Beauty- FULL!

~Michelle xo


Eyes, Eyelashes & Extensions

The eyes are the windows to the soul. I can look in someone’s eyes and see their heart (really I can).  I specialize in lash extensions.  I’m blessed to work on entertainment professionals in all areas of the business.  I love sharing what I do.

My eyelash extensions have walked down red carpets, received Emmys, danced at Inaugural balls, appeared on TV, graced the pages of magazines, given interviews, gotten married, enjoyed the waters of of the world, cried tears of joy & sadness and winked at the person they love.

My “E” is Eyelashes.

My story won’t be complete without these “E”s as well.. How my clients & my work makes me feel.. elated, ecstatic, excellent,  & extraordinary..

These are some pictures of my work. These are the eyes I have touched. These are my eyelash extensions.

This is my story, and my story goes on..