It’s A New Year.. What Makes YOU Fierce?

It’s a new year and one of my favorite words is FIERCE!  It ignites my passion.. my desire to be strong.. my wish to be fearless.. my ambition to persevere and my goals of being unforgettable!

A year ago in February, my Grama passed away.  We were very close & I loved her with all my heart.  She was one of my most special people: my cheerleader, my mom, my voice of reason, my greatest sounding board and LOVED to watch me dance!  While I was back East for her funeral I stumbled upon a ballroom dance studio I had NO IDEA existed a few blocks from my home in LA.  I contacted them while in NJ (I swear Grama sent me to them) and the rest is history.. I fell back in love with dancing because of the owners Katie & Erick (below) and the wonderful instructors (the events & other students are just a bonus).


I started dancing at 10 yrs old.  I taught, performed & competed all throughout school.  I turned professional at the age of 19 and continued my career until 26.  I taught ballroom at a Fred Astaire studio from 22-24 yrs old.  I lived my dream of being a dancer and performing professionally all over the country.  But I hadn’t ballroom danced in about 15 years (even just for fun).

Dancing has ALWAYS been my heart, my love, my joy, my passion.

When I retired I couldn’t figure out how to enjoy it for fun.. so I gave it up.

Last February I walked into the studio (shaking & heart pounding – thinking WHAT AM I DOING? I can’t do this anymore!) I was greeted by one of the sweetest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (or dancing with) and I haven’t stopped smiling yet!   In a year I have lost 25 pounds.. bought a dozen glittering gowns.. danced & sung more songs then I can remember, laughed uncontrollably (while dancing), felt like a princess (more than once) and entered my first EVER competition in December.


I am FIERCE!  I am having the time of my life.. inspiring others to dare to try something new.. sharing my joy, reminding others talent SHOULD be shared and hoping to become awesome in TANGO (my worst dance, in my mind) by this years end.  I am  not giving up!  I have over done it and injured myself multiple times last year.  But I’ve kept going. I can’t remember as much as I would like to or as quickly as I used to, BUT I AM FIERCE.  I feel good.  I’m graceful.  I’m happy.  I’m taking chances.  I’m NOT giving up!


What is it that you would LOVE to try this year?  What lights a spark in your heart? What do you do and no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop smiling (this is a problem for my TANGO).  Do that!  Try that!  If it scares you a little, it means there is a WONDERFUL treasure awaiting you on the other side.. it’s wrapped in a gorgeous package with a tag on it with YOUR name.. “YOU ARE FIERCE“.. It’s just waiting to be opened.. discovered.. shared.. and ONLY YOU can unwrap it!


Remember, DON’T let anyone or anything STOP you.. especially when you soul is whispering to you.. listen to it!  It’s usually IMPORTANT.

Please share your adventures & journey with me!  I can’t wait to hear what makes YOU FIERCE!(because you are)


Eyes, Eyelashes & Extensions

The eyes are the windows to the soul. I can look in someone’s eyes and see their heart (really I can).  I specialize in lash extensions.  I’m blessed to work on entertainment professionals in all areas of the business.  I love sharing what I do.

My eyelash extensions have walked down red carpets, received Emmys, danced at Inaugural balls, appeared on TV, graced the pages of magazines, given interviews, gotten married, enjoyed the waters of of the world, cried tears of joy & sadness and winked at the person they love.

My “E” is Eyelashes.

My story won’t be complete without these “E”s as well.. How my clients & my work makes me feel.. elated, ecstatic, excellent,  & extraordinary..

These are some pictures of my work. These are the eyes I have touched. These are my eyelash extensions.

This is my story, and my story goes on..




A is for ASPIRE

aspire: great ambition; to soar!

I have always loved the quote:

“AIM for the Moon, Even if you miss, You’ll land among the STARS!”


For the New Year, I will aspire to see & share beauty every  day

and continue to inspire beauty in others daily!


What do YOU want 2 be remembered 4?

smile quote

Simple question.  How do you want to be remembered?

Confession: I want to be remembered for all the SMILES I inspired..

I LOVE this quote. It rings so true for me & my business:

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel!” Maya Angelou

I work with people all day and yes I get to play in the beauty field (which I love & count my blessings for each day),  but I feel it is so much more than that.  I am touching peoples faces & hearts.. I take that very seriously.

I am listening to their most personal issues.  If I am having a bad day, it doesn’t matter.  I my clients to leave feeling completely BEAUTIFUL & lighter in their steps.  That is my goal for everyone I work on.

How do you want people to feel after chatting with you or meeting you for the first time? They say first impressions never fade.  You never know when something you do or say could change someone’s day or life (and that is GREAT right?!)

So before you step out of your house each day, pause.. smile.. & think how do you want to be remembered.

For me, this is the secret to TRUE BEAUTY.