2 Oscar makeup picks & tricks

Guilty pleasure? Completely forgot? Purposely avoided?  Did you watch the Oscars this year?  Are you wondering how everyone looked so fresh & glowing (especially when they start getting ready early afternoon & arrive by 3pm PST) all night?

These 2 picks are magical tools for their makeup lasting & the glow looking fresh – All Night/Day Long! 😉

(watch video here)


Not only does it look great on the red carpet, it’s the perfect duo to spruce up your makeup bag for SPRING! (insert happy song here) shop here


So who has questions for SPRING makeup picks?  Here’s to bringing the daily glow from the inside to the outside.  Remember, YOU are Beauty- FULL!

~Michelle xo

A New Year, let’s review..

Happy NEW YEAR!  I would like to introduce myself to you.  Some of you are new and I would like to say HI!:

I’m Michelle Bouse.  I am a reformed Jersey Girl (born & raised), who followed her heart & moved to California in 1998 – but I’m not your typical California girl.  I am a retired professional dancer over 40 who’s second career is Beauty.  I love giving back, inspiring others, chocolate is my weakness and I’m addicted to tea & newly found love – Yoga.

I have the gift of seeing beauty in everything, everyone & making people feel good.. and feel it’s my job to share.

2015 is a BIG Beauty year for me.. I am celebrating 15 years (what?! how is that possible) as a industry make-up artist and 10 years (is this even possible) as an esthetician.  I can’t believe it.  These days people call me a beauty expert.

Last year I was on The Doctors tv show twice, my second Lifestyle Lift commercial aired as an expert with Debby Boone and I finished my final certification for Volume Lash extensions.  One of my clients won her second emmy, a bunch of clients got married, had babies and appeared all over TV!  I also expanded the boutique with certifying Linda as a OUIDAD Curly hair expert, carrying the product line exclusively and introducing the boutique closet, carrying clothing.  (Not to mention my Boys and Girls Club team won a trip to Nationals for their 4th year in a row).

One of the BEST beauty introductions was THE BEAUTY BOOKENDS with my beauty best friend & fellow celebrity make-up artist, Dia Dibble.  We started shooting short YouTube videos for anyone over 40 looking for beauty tips.  We have had a wonderful response and requested live appearances.. so we will continue the videos every month in 2015.

But why should you stop by here and say Hi? (hmmmm)  Well, I like meeting new people, like to talk and have a bunch of beautiful things to share.  I hope to see you here again and would love to hear about your beauty successes, questions and inspirations.

Here’s to a New Year filled with beautiful possibilities..


A Day in the Life: m/u artist to beauty expert

So 12 yrs. ago I was waking up at 4am to leave for a call on a Hollywood set to do make-up.
Today I’m driving myself to the airport to fly to make a TV appearance as a Beauty Expert on ShopNBC! WOW!

They say you have to live in the moment.. We work so hard to achieve our goals & dreams, but do we pause to look back and appreciate how we got there?

This project has taught me a few things:

1. When planning to do m/u on plane don’t forget to add compact mirror to your bag. In a pinch the backside of a biz card holder works! (I should have downloaded the free mirror app)
2. Don’t open liquid liner on a plane.. Splat all over from cabin pressure. A mess!
3. Certain types of clothes do flatter & some do not
4. Spankz are a must for every woman no matter how thin you are
5. Preparation ahead of time is key
6. Always remember to SMILE (best anti-aging)
7. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it

Don’t forget the journey you made to get to where you are today. Then enjoy the moment!

And NEVER stop shooting for the stars..