F is for Friendship

The key to having a good friend, is learning how to BE a good friend.

Friends are “kisses blown to us by angels.”

These 8 people have taught me the true meaning of Friendship..

Real friends show up.

They always make time.  They listen.  They inspire.  They encourage.  They laugh.  They critique.  They share.  They love.  They forgive.  They jump w/you.

My biggest lesson recently is that Friendship is a 2-way street & takes work.  Both people have to be willing or it doesn’t work.

And when a Friendship isn’t working, sometimes it is time to let it go.


 What work have you done on a special Friendship recently?


My life would not be as full or as blessed without these Friendships.. ❤

I love you all so much & am grateful for every one of you!

I can’t picture what my life would look like without YOU in it!

Tell your friends how much they mean to you today and..