Beauty 2 beat Winter Blues

Paint Your Nails
Paint Your Nails

WINTER BLUES got you down?

Here are some ideas to lift your spirits & make you feel Pretty! (Because YOU ARE!)

1.  Paint your nails:  A little color can make all the difference.  Purple is the “IT” color for SPRING 2014 so start testing out some of your favorites.  Adding a little SPARKLE on top always makes me smile.

Product Pick:  Love Zoya AWAKEN Spring 2014 line, especially Monet topper.

2.  Take a bath:  Warm water and some wonderful smells can take you to a whole new world. Play your favorite music, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Product Pick:  Pandora’s peaceful stations never fail to lull my clients into beauty rest.

3.  Grab an aromatherapy based lotion:  Applying aromatherapy to your body will lift your spirits and help soften and smooth your skin from chapped, dry skin.

Product Pick:  I am addicted to Shea Butter based lotions with aromatic scents (KleanSpa does custom “scenting”).  I can’t get enough!

4.  Buy a new lip gloss:  This works for me every time.  Apply & Smile.

Product Pick: Urban Decay has a beautiful new line of lipsticks for spring 2014.

5.  Add bangs:  Whether they are feathered, side swiped or curly – change can be good.  It always grows back.

6.  Give yourself a mini-facial:  Clean your face and apply a mask, then take a shower.  (Steam helps the ingredients penetrate) after you’re done wipe it off & apply coconut oil.  Your skin will LOVE it!

Product Pick:  This hydrating mask from Boot’s look delish (love the ingredients).  You can also just apply Honey.  Works beautifully.

I would LOVE to hear what YOU do to “Beat the Blues..”

A Spa Basket for Charity: A Few of My Favorite Things!

I work with the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank each month. I teach them Broadway Style Jazz and actually have a official DANCE TEAM (yay!).

Last year the girls placed in the TOP TEN out of 800 National Submissions in a National Talent Contest.

This year, they WON! They are flying to New Orleans all expenses paid mid May to perform, “All That Jazz” number. (Happy dance, happy dance & Smiles!)
Their big Charity Event for the Club is on Saturday, May 7th 2011. I wanted to donate a basket for the event and I decided besides the BASIC Gift Certificate, I would give it a theme.


So these are a few of my favorite things! I hope you enjoy the list as much as the winner!

1. Spa Gift Certificate for a Full Set of Lash Extensions & a Blow-out with a Custom Feather Extension

2. A Plush, Cuddly Robe, who doesn’t need one?

3. A Favorite Book: “Saving Cee Cee Honeycut” by Beth Hoffman, my pick of the YEAR!

4. Handmade Bookmark from Megs Marks, perfect for anything not on the NOOK/KINDLE.

5. My favorite line of Homemade Soaps from Lather Soap Co., these are so yummy, original & suddzy.

6. A Scentsy Warmer and wickless melting wax, my spa always smells so good!

7. A Spring Scarf, a perfect accessory for a cool evening.

8. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara, nothing better!

9. Epicuren lip balm, my lips love this EVERY nite.

10. China Glaze Nail Polish, my fav – this brand lasts!

11. Tip Essentials makeup removers, great for those m/u oops or cleaning.

12.  Margarita Bloom’s Cabana Boy roll on Parfume – I wear it every DAY!

13. CD: Sting’s Symphonicites, ahhhhhhhhh!

Spring is Here!


I always love spring. I want to change my wardrobe, update my makeup, style my hair differently – start fresh for the season.

So many clients want to try new things.. New trends, new products and new services. Keeping it fresh for myself and my clients is a challenge this time of year.

What colors are hot? Turquoise & Coral for clothing; Purple & Greens for nails; Pinks for lips; and feathers of all colors for Hair Flair!


Here are some things I change for the Spring to get ready for the Summer:

1.  Buy a new Tinted Moisturizer with SPF (I am addicted to Merle Norman Tinted Moisturizer in ML30 & ML40)

2.  Choose some new colors to add to my makeup bag & routine (Mineral Pigment powders in Hunter Green & Marine to wet and apply as Eyeliner)

3.  Buy a new Lipstick (The BALM’s Lipgloss in Ruby my Grapefruit)

4.  Purchase a few colorful scarves and long necklaces to accessorize with (Infinitely scarves and long rosary beads)

5.  Add an oil or serum under my moisturizer in the evening (Love Coconut oil, basic and at Whole Foods)

6.  Regularly exfoliate to brighten my skin and slough off dead cells (Dermalogica’s Daily Micro Exfoliant)

7.  Try adding a new exercise to my weekly routine to stay fit and relieve stress (Hula hooping every other day for 1/2 in front of the TV.  LOVING my waistline)

8.  Drink more water and eat small bites throughout the day in between clients (I swear Alkaline water keeps me healthy, along with handful of nuts a day)

9.  Start reading a book I have been spying (THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett)

10.  Find ONE thing to be grateful for each day and a person/reason to write a Thank You note (365 Days of Gratitude by John Kralik)



“Sometimes”, said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”