It’s A New Year.. What Makes YOU Fierce?

It’s a new year and one of my favorite words is FIERCE!  It ignites my passion.. my desire to be strong.. my wish to be fearless.. my ambition to persevere and my goals of being unforgettable!

A year ago in February, my Grama passed away.  We were very close & I loved her with all my heart.  She was one of my most special people: my cheerleader, my mom, my voice of reason, my greatest sounding board and LOVED to watch me dance!  While I was back East for her funeral I stumbled upon a ballroom dance studio I had NO IDEA existed a few blocks from my home in LA.  I contacted them while in NJ (I swear Grama sent me to them) and the rest is history.. I fell back in love with dancing because of the owners Katie & Erick (below) and the wonderful instructors (the events & other students are just a bonus).


I started dancing at 10 yrs old.  I taught, performed & competed all throughout school.  I turned professional at the age of 19 and continued my career until 26.  I taught ballroom at a Fred Astaire studio from 22-24 yrs old.  I lived my dream of being a dancer and performing professionally all over the country.  But I hadn’t ballroom danced in about 15 years (even just for fun).

Dancing has ALWAYS been my heart, my love, my joy, my passion.

When I retired I couldn’t figure out how to enjoy it for fun.. so I gave it up.

Last February I walked into the studio (shaking & heart pounding – thinking WHAT AM I DOING? I can’t do this anymore!) I was greeted by one of the sweetest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (or dancing with) and I haven’t stopped smiling yet!   In a year I have lost 25 pounds.. bought a dozen glittering gowns.. danced & sung more songs then I can remember, laughed uncontrollably (while dancing), felt like a princess (more than once) and entered my first EVER competition in December.


I am FIERCE!  I am having the time of my life.. inspiring others to dare to try something new.. sharing my joy, reminding others talent SHOULD be shared and hoping to become awesome in TANGO (my worst dance, in my mind) by this years end.  I am  not giving up!  I have over done it and injured myself multiple times last year.  But I’ve kept going. I can’t remember as much as I would like to or as quickly as I used to, BUT I AM FIERCE.  I feel good.  I’m graceful.  I’m happy.  I’m taking chances.  I’m NOT giving up!


What is it that you would LOVE to try this year?  What lights a spark in your heart? What do you do and no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop smiling (this is a problem for my TANGO).  Do that!  Try that!  If it scares you a little, it means there is a WONDERFUL treasure awaiting you on the other side.. it’s wrapped in a gorgeous package with a tag on it with YOUR name.. “YOU ARE FIERCE“.. It’s just waiting to be opened.. discovered.. shared.. and ONLY YOU can unwrap it!


Remember, DON’T let anyone or anything STOP you.. especially when you soul is whispering to you.. listen to it!  It’s usually IMPORTANT.

Please share your adventures & journey with me!  I can’t wait to hear what makes YOU FIERCE!(because you are)


Beauty 2 beat Winter Blues

Paint Your Nails
Paint Your Nails

WINTER BLUES got you down?

Here are some ideas to lift your spirits & make you feel Pretty! (Because YOU ARE!)

1.  Paint your nails:  A little color can make all the difference.  Purple is the “IT” color for SPRING 2014 so start testing out some of your favorites.  Adding a little SPARKLE on top always makes me smile.

Product Pick:  Love Zoya AWAKEN Spring 2014 line, especially Monet topper.

2.  Take a bath:  Warm water and some wonderful smells can take you to a whole new world. Play your favorite music, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Product Pick:  Pandora’s peaceful stations never fail to lull my clients into beauty rest.

3.  Grab an aromatherapy based lotion:  Applying aromatherapy to your body will lift your spirits and help soften and smooth your skin from chapped, dry skin.

Product Pick:  I am addicted to Shea Butter based lotions with aromatic scents (KleanSpa does custom “scenting”).  I can’t get enough!

4.  Buy a new lip gloss:  This works for me every time.  Apply & Smile.

Product Pick: Urban Decay has a beautiful new line of lipsticks for spring 2014.

5.  Add bangs:  Whether they are feathered, side swiped or curly – change can be good.  It always grows back.

6.  Give yourself a mini-facial:  Clean your face and apply a mask, then take a shower.  (Steam helps the ingredients penetrate) after you’re done wipe it off & apply coconut oil.  Your skin will LOVE it!

Product Pick:  This hydrating mask from Boot’s look delish (love the ingredients).  You can also just apply Honey.  Works beautifully.

I would LOVE to hear what YOU do to “Beat the Blues..”

I want a daily m/u & hair stylist!

Who doesn’t? I had forgotten until a few weeks ago, how fun it is to be a model for a day. Flawless face, great hair and the best fitting outfits.. Not to mention perfect lighting.. Every day, sign me up!

Look at JUDY GARLAND (above).. this is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen her in.  Gorgeous hair, perfect lips, beautiful make-up and look at the lighting on her face = FLAWLESS!

Personally, I am in the process of developing a new fashion trend, a pop-out light reflector that goes on all women’s clothes, to reflect this type of light on the face daily (still working out the kinks – like eating with a huge disc petruding from your chest?! hmmm)

I’ve had actors say to me, “Michelle can I just put you in my medicine cabinet and pull you out every morning to make me up?!”  Well I want one too!  LOL

To look model ready every day for the normal beauty is over kill.  But here are a few tips to get you, “Camera Ready & Flawless” for all your holiday festivities!



1.  When being photographed, wear a full-coverage foundation (not necessarily heavy, just with alot of pigment) to cover imperfections.

2.  Go with a brighter lip or dramatic eyes (add a few lashes) NOT both.

3.  Add some sparkle to your accessories (glitter shoes, nails, jewelry or a scarf.)

4.  Set your hair day before or in am.. then finish the style after your hair is relaxed and it will hold longer.

5.  Try the GEL polishes.  I do a colored french tip with a natural sparkle color on top.  As the polish wears, you don’t notice the growth and you can get an extra week out of the manicure!

6.  Choose an outfit you are comfortable in.  You look good when you feel good. You know what outfits fit you the best and what colors are the most flattering on you. (Check out magazines for latest styles and go try a few on.)

7.  Always find your light.  If you are in a room try to have light shining on your not behind you (unless you want to show off your hair) especially for photos, face the light and SMILE.


camera ready... finished

This is me at the end of my shooting day on camera.

I had false eyelashes on.. my foundation was airbrushed OVER creme foundation.. I had been touched up with powder, lips and under eyes for 4 hours..  and my hair was styled twice throughout the day.

If you had someone following you around all day..  touching you up, fussing with your clothes, tucking and fluffing your hair – YES, it would be FUN and you would look FLAWLESS..

Any day you chose, YOUcan look YOUR most radiant, perfect beauty – just by following your instincts.  Remember:  If you are having a GOOD hair day, ALWAYS take a picture!

“The BEST accessory anyone can wear, is ALWAYS a SMILE!”

You Can’t SMILE & Frown at the same time!

It’s true! If you are frowning you can’t SMILE. If you are SMILING you can’t frown, at least not at the same time.


Smiling LIFTS everything up.. Frowning brings everything down and exaggerates WRINKLES!

So while on vacation visiting my parents this holiday season, my mom looks over at me and says, “Are you using EYE CREAM?”
I just stare at her wanting to say, MOM! I am a skin care professional..
She then says, “YOU better! I can see lines starting around your eyes and your skin is so pretty it would be a shame to let your eye area go.”

Gotta love MOMS. I DO love my mom, she started me at 19 years old on skincare and I still think that really made a difference in my skin today. And even though I hate to admit it, she got me thinking.. Even though I am almost 39 years old, sometimes she is still right. LOL I might have noticed a few “LINES” starting around my eyes but I am working VERY hard on my SMILE LINES (at least that is what I tell myself!)

When I workout out at the YMCA and swim in the pool without makeup and abunch of women, I notice two things:
First, they all think I am in my twenties (remember, without makeup).
Second, I can GUESS by the casual expressions on people’s faces, who has a happy life and who might be stressed or unhappy.
Casual people watching, you can learn a few things from people’s skin and expressions.
People wear their attitudes on their face.
They wear their habits on their skin.. you CAN’T fake it. What is going on inside, shows on the outside.

As we start a New Year, start to notice. If you are watching TV or casually thinking about your day and you quickly caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, would you be SMILING or FROWNING?
When you lay down to sleep or as you awake in the morning, are you SMILING or FROWNING?

Call me crazy, but after purchasing OIL OF OLAY’S “Regenerist” Eye Serum and applying twice a day.. I remind
myself before bed, after waking and while singing along in my car.. I AM WORKING on my SMILE lines!

It’s up to you!
Good skin not only takes time & work,
but because you can’t SMILE & FROWN at the same time!