I Scream, You Scream.. We all need EYE CREAM!

From a recent conversation with my Pilates trainer, I have realized a lot of people do the bare minimum for skincare. Cleanse, maybe moisturize, maybe SPF.

If you are over 40 years old and want some advice, besides washing before bed, using eye cream may be the second most important step in staying youthful. We all start seeing those mysterious lines around our eyes. Dry skin can make these lines even worse. Here are a few products I LOVE for eye creams and one should be able to fit anyone’s budget. The range is about $30-110.


Caffeine is one of the popular ingredients for tightening and taking puffiness away. The most important thing is to use an eye cream every night. Place it next to your bed if you need to. You will definitely see results within 2-3 weeks and be glad you did in 10 years!

Eye cream for now, Chapstick and moisturizer next! Lol

Please let me know if you have any great finds I can add to my list or questions.

“The eyes hold all the emotions of our heart… And are the windows to our soul.”

You Can’t SMILE & Frown at the same time!

It’s true! If you are frowning you can’t SMILE. If you are SMILING you can’t frown, at least not at the same time.


Smiling LIFTS everything up.. Frowning brings everything down and exaggerates WRINKLES!

So while on vacation visiting my parents this holiday season, my mom looks over at me and says, “Are you using EYE CREAM?”
I just stare at her wanting to say, MOM! I am a skin care professional..
She then says, “YOU better! I can see lines starting around your eyes and your skin is so pretty it would be a shame to let your eye area go.”

Gotta love MOMS. I DO love my mom, she started me at 19 years old on skincare and I still think that really made a difference in my skin today. And even though I hate to admit it, she got me thinking.. Even though I am almost 39 years old, sometimes she is still right. LOL I might have noticed a few “LINES” starting around my eyes but I am working VERY hard on my SMILE LINES (at least that is what I tell myself!)

When I workout out at the YMCA and swim in the pool without makeup and abunch of women, I notice two things:
First, they all think I am in my twenties (remember, without makeup).
Second, I can GUESS by the casual expressions on people’s faces, who has a happy life and who might be stressed or unhappy.
Casual people watching, you can learn a few things from people’s skin and expressions.
People wear their attitudes on their face.
They wear their habits on their skin.. you CAN’T fake it. What is going on inside, shows on the outside.

As we start a New Year, start to notice. If you are watching TV or casually thinking about your day and you quickly caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, would you be SMILING or FROWNING?
When you lay down to sleep or as you awake in the morning, are you SMILING or FROWNING?

Call me crazy, but after purchasing OIL OF OLAY’S “Regenerist” Eye Serum and applying twice a day.. I remind
myself before bed, after waking and while singing along in my car.. I AM WORKING on my SMILE lines!

It’s up to you!
Good skin not only takes time & work,
but because you can’t SMILE & FROWN at the same time!