About Me


I love my curly hair, I am a reformed Jersey Girl, I moved across the country for love.  Sugar, my pup and smiles are my weaknesses and I LOVE to chat about beauty.  I have been told my brain is a beauty sponge filled with wonderful tips, tricks & picks and that I’m a “beauty girl with heart.”

Want to know about eyebrows? Check out the Eyebrows 101 series..  What fabulous curl tricks?  Watch How to get the perfect curls.

Over 40, me too.. that’s why I’m here.  I am choosing graceful aging.  What about you?  Have you tried an Ice Cube facial yet?

Need a new lipstick? (we all do!) Start here..

Anything you’ve always fussed about,  wanted to know about or just couldn’t remedy?  You’ve come to the right spot.  I like to call it “Beauty Therapy”.

After 15 years (OMG) I’ve met alot of folks, touched their faces and hopefully their hearts. Here are a few Celebrity Faces I’ve touched..

We are all super busy and multi-task daily.. but I am here to inspire you and remind you to save some time for yourself!

I hope we can be beauty friends.  I love comments and love to answer questions. So tell me why are you here?  ” I found your site while I was ___________________ because I need ________________!”  (ice breaker)

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your curly hair, too! Just had to tell you! I found your site through the BGP, of course, and you know, I just realized, I need a big sister like you….I was the oldest and my mother wasn’t much into make-up/hair. I don’t wear much (eyes and lips are about it and I think it works for me) and I’ve been growing in my hair knowledge as I go along…and some of that has definitely been because I “met” you. 🙂

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