A Different Valentine

With Valentine’s just passing, I wanted to share a different view..

I remember HS years filled with “secret admirers” and vases of roses, delivered carnations, love notes and surprise boxes of chocolate – and I giggle when I think about Valentine’s.  I was so naive and had no idea how the flowers or notes mysteriously appeared at my desk or in my locker. (Seriously!?!)

This week I was with my BGC dancers and I wished them a happy Valentine’s, followed by passing out hugs.  I was surprised at what I heard.  Junior High and High School girls were saying they HATED Valentine’s Day.  I believe alot of people feel this way, because they are alone.  (I hate the “forever alone” & “single awareness day” references). But I look at Valentine’s differently. I want to share with you what I told my girls.

It shouldn’t be a day about being with someone or not being with someone.  It is all about LOVE.  Giving LOVE, spreading LOVE and sharing LOVE.  It is about letting others know that they are special to you.  Be different.

There is so much love available to each of us. More than we can ever use, share or enjoy throughout our lifetime. There are different types of love. You can love people, places & things.. And a lot of them. But you love them all differently. The joy of loving so many different people & things is what Valentine’s is about. Enjoying those people, telling them how you feel.. Enjoying those places & things that make your heart soar & sharing them. That is what makes us different, brings us together and tells your story.

My “D” is Different.

My dad always said different wasn’t bad.. It could make you unique.
So far, it’s worked for me! #TellYourStory2014


5 thoughts on “A Different Valentine

  1. I’m glad you’re different too! It’s all about perspective. What does your heart tell you? Go with that! Don’t listen to the world around you. 1 John 4:19 says, “We love, because He first loved us.” Knowing that, love those around you, especially those in need. Love you, Michelle!

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