Beauty gifts for Mom

I am enjoying the wonderful Florida sunshine on a business trip and stopped in to visit my folks. I NEVER know what to buy my mom – she buys everything herself! Sound familier?

I just finished a Live Beauty Chat with my mom on my Facebook Page.. Here’s the cheat sheet of gift ideas & the sampling of Mom’s gifts this year. Along with some of the boutiques I will visit online at Facebook to purchase.  Hope this helps you find the perfect gift for Mom this year!

Confession: I still have to order my gifts for mom. Think they will be late. Oops!  Sorry Mom.

Beauty Picks
Beauty Picks

Shatter & Crack Your Nails 4 Summer

Left Foot with Base Color, Right with "Shattered" Top Coat

(Shown in pix: OPI Koala Berry base on left topped with OPI Silver Glitter Shatter to finish)

This trend followed me across the country. Every place I go, people notice my “shattered” toes and I start to see new “shattered” nails EVERYWHERE… Cool!

What it is:
The newest trend in nail designs and polishes. It all started with the Katy Perry line from OPI.

How it works:
First you apply a base coat and follow with any nail color of your choice.
Wait for first coat to dry completely.
To intensify color follow with second coat, remembering more coats make for longer dry times.
Apply a generous coat of shatter or crackle polish on top. (I have even seen it applied sideways)
As polish begins to dry, you will see the color separate and go matte.
Wait for color to dry and immediately follow with a top coat to seal.
The top coat will bring back the shine to the entire treatment on the nail.
***only use ONE coat of shatter or crackle for effect

Why it’s cool:
Besides being original & unique it is long lasting. Since each application is uniquely cracked, you can’t tell if you get a chip or start growing out. You can easily get a pedicure to last 4 weeks (depending on how fast your nails grow) and 2 weeks from a manicure.

What to buy:
Start with a solid base. Any regular nail polish color. I like either Black on the bottom or a really BRIGHT color, depending on what you want on top.
OPI has a great version of the top coat which is “Shattered”.
China Glaze had a version called “Crackle”.

Then just have FUN!  A great SUMMER 2011 Trend!

(For more color ideas.. just Google pix.. crazy cracked nails is what you’ll find!)