My traveling Ch’armz shrugs


Confession: Don’t LOVE flying.. and I’m always cold.

I recently fell in LOVE with the new Charmz convertible shrug.  It’s so versitle and an EASY travel partner.  I always bring a book, ear plugs and neck pillow. Now I need to grab my Charmz too.

What I learned travelling with my shrug:

1. It dresses up any comfy outfit when I need to be business ready after landing. (No more looking wacky after landing)

2. After going through security, I wrap it around my neck as a scarf until I get on board. (No fussing with re-dressing)

3. Un buttons wonderfully to act as a cozy blanket wrap while snoozing on the airplane. (Keeping me comforted & warm)

4. It fits perfectly in my purse and helps with the climate changes during my trip. (It now lives in my purse at home too)

5. I need to buy a new one since I left this one with my mom after she tried it on and fell in love with it in Florida. (I knew it)

I LOVE MY CHARM’Z.. can’t travel without them now.. locally or coast to coast!

Beauty gifts for Mom

I am enjoying the wonderful Florida sunshine on a business trip and stopped in to visit my folks. I NEVER know what to buy my mom – she buys everything herself! Sound familier?

I just finished a Live Beauty Chat with my mom on my Facebook Page.. Here’s the cheat sheet of gift ideas & the sampling of Mom’s gifts this year. Along with some of the boutiques I will visit online at Facebook to purchase.  Hope this helps you find the perfect gift for Mom this year!

Confession: I still have to order my gifts for mom. Think they will be late. Oops!  Sorry Mom.

Beauty Picks
Beauty Picks